Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Five of the best books on sustainable eating

Kristin Kimball is a farmer and a writer living in northern New York. Prior to farming, Kimball worked as a freelance writer, writing teacher, and as an assistant to a literary agent in New York City. A graduate of Harvard University and the author of The Dirty Life and Good Husbandry, she and her husband Mark have run Essex Farm since 2003, where they live with their two daughters.

At the Guardian, Kimball tagged five of the best books on sustainable eating, including:
One of the most powerful things you can do to eat more sustainably is to learn how food is produced. In the US, less than 2% of the population farms, and in the UK, the number is 1%. Nobody illuminates the connection between sustainable food and sustainable community like John Berger. Best known for his seminal book on art, Ways of Seeing, Berger spent 17 years on a trilogy of novels tracing the shift from peasant-scale agriculture to industrial food production, which is also a shift from village life and values to those of the city. The first in the series, Pig Earth, cracks open the heart to let the ideas flow in.
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--Marshal Zeringue