Friday, March 29, 2019

Five top thrillers in which memory is unreliable, at best

Michelle Adams is a British writer living abroad in Cyprus. She is a part-time scientist and has published several science fiction novels under a pseudonym, including a YA dystopian series. If You Knew My Sister (published as My Sister in the UK) is her first psychological thriller.

Her new psychological thriller is Between the Lies.

At CrimeReads Adams tagged five favorite thrillers in which memory is unreliable, at best. One title on the list:
Denis Lehane, Shutter Island

Being assigned to investigate the mysterious case of a missing patient from a high security asylum for the criminally insane, Teddy Daniels arrives on Shutter Island determined to uncover the truth. But as things turn increasingly bizarre, with a murderess on the loose, a hurricane battering the island, and staff who seem to want to cover something up, Teddy’s job proves more and more difficult. He begins to realize that nothing is quite what it seems on Shutter Island, perhaps not even himself. This thriller is absolutely brilliant.
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--Marshal Zeringue