Friday, November 23, 2018

Seven great books on female friendship

At Hillary Kelly tagged seven great books on female friendship not written by Elena Ferrante, including:
Eleven Hours, by Pamela Erens (2001)

Lore and Franckline’s relationship lasts only the titular 11 hours: Lore labors and delivers her baby, without a partner, in a New York City hospital; and Franckline, the maternity nurse, moves from enemy to confidant. Franckline brings with her the traumas of earlier deliveries (“her body once birthed a child, and ever since then it has ached to be a shelter again”) and worries over her own second-trimester pregnancy. Lore resolutely clings to her “multipage, many-bulleted” birth plan, but over the hours, as the two women face the agonies of childbirth and uprooted memories, they forge an unimaginable friendship. Eleven Hours is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the light-speed transformation that women undergo from labor to delivery.
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--Marshal Zeringue