Monday, November 26, 2018

Four books that changed Karen Foxlee

Karen Foxlee writes for children and adults. Her latest novel, Lenny's Book of Everything, is about a young boy who has a rare form of gigantism and won't stop growing.

One of four books that changed the author, as shared at the Sydney Morning Herald:
Marilynne Robinson

The story of orphans Ruthie and Lucille, their Aunt Sylvie and a house falling to disrepair around them was so powerful that I can remember keeping the book beside my bed for nearly two years. I just didn't want to say goodbye to it. In this strange beautiful coming-of-age story Marilynne Robinson writes with such precision. I still carry imagery from this story around inside me. It made me think about all the ridiculous things women are meant to aspire to and all the freedoms associated with ruin and transience.
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--Marshal Zeringue