Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ten top cliques in fiction

Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott's debut novel is Swan Song.

One of her top ten cliques in fiction, as shared at the Guardian:
Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

Asked what Cat’s Eye was about, Margaret Atwood said: “Little girls are not made of sugar and spice … Even in books for little girls, you usually have the best friend and the worst enemy. In real life these are often the same person.” Returning to Toronto for a retrospective of her paintings, adult Elaine Risley confronts memories of her childhood adversary, Cordelia. She remembers when Cordelia usurped her best friends Grace and Carol, irrevocably altering their group dynamic. The three bullied Elaine, abuse escalating to physical jeopardy. In adolescence, Elaine re-establishes contact with Cordelia, taunting her former tormenter. The novel moves between past and present, where Elaine still bears the scars.
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Cat's Eye is among Jessica Winter's six favorite novels on girl power.

--Marshal Zeringue