Sunday, March 18, 2018

Five top books with different visions for a connected future

Nick Clark Windo is the author of The Feed. One of five "books with different visions for a connected future" he tagged at
The Circle by Dave Eggers

I was really worried when I first heard about this novel. As a writer, it’s a nightmare, isn’t it: not only is someone else is doing your idea, but it’s a brilliant person. And they’re publishing it sooner than you are. Actually, while there are similar themes, the worlds are completely different. But in terms of living in a connected future, that’s the heart of The Circle, and it’s a pretty dark heart at that. It’s a horror story in a way—like at the end of The Thing, when you suspect that all may not be as it seems…well here you have a lot of people who are very happy on the surface, but what’s that you see lurking in their eyes…?
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--Marshal Zeringue