Monday, April 10, 2017

What is Taylor Brown reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Taylor Brown, author of The River of Kings.

His entry begins:
Blood, Bone and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews – Ted Geltner

Harry Crews was born just 75 miles west of my hometown in Georgia, and the man and his work have always fascinated me. His writing is at once brutal and comic, raw and articulate. And the man himself possesses a larger-than-life mystique – one, we learn, which he may have cultivated with “malice and forethought.” Here is a man who would quote long passages of Shakespeare in lecture, who wore a mohawk and wrote his novels alongside a mason jar of amphetamines, who survived childhood polio and tragedy and extreme poverty to become a darling of Madonna and Playboy and...[read on]
About The River of Kings, from the publisher:
In The River of Kings, bestselling author of Fallen Land Taylor Brown artfully weaves three narrative strands—two brothers’ journey down an ancient river, their father’s tangled past, and the buried history of the river’s earliest people—to evoke a legendary place and its powerful hold on the human imagination.

The Altamaha River, Georgia’s “Little Amazon,” is one of the last truly wild places in America. Crossed by roads only five times in its 137 miles, the black-water river is home to thousand-year-old virgin cypress, direct descendants of eighteenth-century Highland warriors, and a staggering array of rare and endangered species. The Altamaha is even rumored to harbor its own river monster, as well as traces of the oldest European fort in North America.

Brothers Hunter and Lawton Loggins set off to kayak the river, bearing their father’s ashes toward the sea. Hunter is a college student, Lawton a Navy SEAL on leave; they were raised by an angry, enigmatic shrimper who loved the river, and whose death remains a mystery that his sons are determined to solve. As the brothers proceed downriver, their story alternates with that of Jacques le Moyne, the first European artist in North America, who accompanied a 1564 French expedition that began as a search for riches and ended in a bloody confrontation with Spanish conquistadors and native tribes.

Twining past and present in one compelling narrative, and illustrated with drawings that survived the 1564 expedition, The River of Kings is Taylor Brown’s second novel: a dramatic and rewarding adventure through history, myth, and the shadows of family secrets.
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