Thursday, April 13, 2017

What is Keith Yatsuhasi reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Keith Yatsuhasi, author of Kokoro.

His entry begins:
I’m a binge reader; I go back and forth between Science Fiction/Fantasy, YA, (yes, YA), and thrillers. It depends on my mood more than anything else. This post catches me in the middle of a fantasy spree. The books I’m ready caught my eye because their blurbs were unique. I guess I was just ready for something new, and each of the books below delivered.

Nevernight: Jay Kristoff

This wild fantasy takes the familiar ‘character needs schooling/training’ trope and turns it into something completely crazy good. The ubiquitous school is not for wizards or super powers; it’s not for heroes of any kind. Nope. It’s for assassins. That’s right. Assassins. By definition, the main characters are killers, most are broken, and all are competing for the top spots in the school. That’s one bloody and usually deadly proposition. Unpredictable twists and turns abound, each as breathtaking as...[read on]
About Kokoro, from the publisher:
The Prince of Higo wishes to leave his responsibilities and war behind after he accidentally causes the death of his mother and is betrayed by his brother, but his actions will lead him to a war of succession with giant monsters and immense engines of war.
Keith Yatsuhasi is inspired equally by The Lord of the Rings and Toho’s Godzilla movies. He is Director of the US Department of Commerce Export Assistance Centre in Providence, Rhode Island.

A long time ago, in a world far, far away, Yatsuhasi was a champion figure skater.

My Book, The Movie: Kokoro.

Writers Read: Keith Yatsuhasi.

--Marshal Zeringue