Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is Michiel Heyns reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Michiel Heyns, author of The Typewriter's Tale.

One title he discussed:
All that Man Is by David Szalay

All that Man Is is a somewhat bilious collection of nine interrelated stories, made bearable by the sheer brilliance of the writing. The title ambiguously hints at both the potential and the limitations of man, both 'the abundance that man is capable of' and 'the puny limit of human potential'. It's very much the latter sense that applies here. And ‘man’ here is definitely the human male rather than the human animal, with women figuring mainly as conveniences, distractions and sex objects.

The nine stories that make up this 'novel' are...[read on]
About The Typewriter's Tale, from the publisher:
“Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to.”

This is the maxim of celebrated author Henry James and one which his typist Frieda Wroth tries to live up to. Admiring of the great author, she nevertheless feels marginalized and undervalued in her role. But when the dashing Morton Fullerton comes to visit, Frieda finds herself at the center of an intrigue every bit as engrossing as the novels she types, bringing her into conflict with the flamboyant Edith Wharton, and compromising her loyalty to James.

The Typewriter’s Tale by Michiel Heyns is a thought-provoking novel on love, art and life fully lived.
Learn more about the author and his work at Michiel Heyns' website.

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