Friday, March 31, 2017

Seven top sci-fi books that bet on a specific year

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Jeff Somers tagged seven science fiction books that bet on a specific year, including:
2312, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Robinson, as fearless as they come, likes to double-down on his double-downing. In 2312, he doesn’t skimp on the future-framing, declaring that by that far-off year, humanity will have spread throughout the solar system, leveraging incredible feats of scientific and engineering achievement to live in every possible environment—including a city on Mercury that moves continuously to avoid the deadly, unfiltered rays of the sun. Robinson balances his epic universe-building with a tightly-plotted mystery, kicked off when artist and asteroid designer Swan Er Hong’s grandmother dies under suspicious circumstances. Worth noting that the circa-2300 New York Swan visits is likewise more of a New Venice; we won’t be here to see how close Robinson’s imagination is to reality, but it’s nice to see an author so committed to his timeline.
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2312 is among Emma Newman's top five books about asteroids and their uses.

--Marshal Zeringue