Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Five top books about people who simply…disappeared

At the B&N Reads blog Jeff Somers tagged five excellent books about people who simply…disappeared, including:
Skyjack, by Geoffrey Gray

In 1971 flying was very different, so different that a man with a vague resemblance to Kevin Spacey in sunglasses could buy a plane ticket using an alias and hijack a plane with a note. D.B. Cooper actually used the name Dan Cooper to buy his ticket, and then received $200,000 in ransom before jumping out of the plane somewhere over the Pacific Northwest. Some of the money was found in the woods, but most of it was never found—and neither was the man who called himself Cooper. Although most believe he died in the jump, the FBI kept the investigation open for decades, and no body has ever been found.
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--Marshal Zeringue