Friday, March 10, 2017

Nine top sci-fi books in which women rule

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Jeff Somers tagged nine "great sci-fi novels that flip that script to tell a story in which it is the men who are oppressed, enslaved, or otherwise made miserable," including:
The Stars Are Legion, by Kameron Hurley

Men are a non-issue in the bizarro, unapologetically feminist space opera, set within a vast Legion of organic worldships populated solely by women, who have a symbiotic relationship with their environment. Everything the Legion needs to continue to function—from new bits of bio-machinery, to new people, to new worlds—is literally birthed by a woman, in a metaphor so visceral, it would take far more space than we have here to unpack it all. The story tracks the betrayals and the bonds of sisterhood between two women whose fates are intertwined with the futures of more than two worlds. Deeply strange and utterly engrossing (and, occasionally, just gross, though trust us when we say the body horror serves a powerful purpose), it is sci-fi like you’ve never experienced it before.
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--Marshal Zeringue