Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is Toby Ball reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Toby Ball, author of Invisible Streets.

His entry begins:
You caught me in between books! With my new book having just come out, I haven’t cracked anything new in the past couple of weeks, though I have Megan Abbott’s The Fever – which I hear is great – on my nightstand.

The most recent book that I finished was The Last Policeman by Ben Winters. He was kind of flying beneath the radar but no longer and it’s well-deserved. If you haven’t heard of his books, the setting is Concord, NH, in the extremely near future when we have discovered that a meteor will strike earth in a year, with cataclysmic consequences. With this event essentially providing an end date for civilization, people are variously despondent (suicide rates are through the roof), apathetic, cynical, and...[read on]
About Invisible Streets, from the publisher:
A brilliantly imagined thriller, Invisible Streets is a sprawling, noirish epic of crime and corruption from an author who has been compared to Caleb Carr, James Ellroy, and Jonathan Lethem.

The year is 1965, and the City is a hulking shell of itself. Bohemians, crooks, and snarling anti-Communists have their run of the place, but if Mr. Canada has his way, all this decline and decadence will soon be nothing but a distant memory. His New City Project will paper over the grit and the grime, making the City safe for the rich. According to him, the project the City’s last hope—but according to everyone else in town, it’s a death knell.

So when the Project’s cache of explosives goes missing, everyone is a suspect, and a police detective named Torsten Grip finds himself up against a ticking clock and a wall of silence. Meanwhile a journalist named Frank Frings—the last honest man in the City—sets out to find his friend’s grandson, who has gotten himself involved with a radical group called Kollectiv 61, which—Grip believes—holds the key to the investigation.

At once a cinematic journey through a city down on its luck and a gripping story all the way up to its shocking conclusion, Invisible Streets will leave you awed and breathless.
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