Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three top thrillers inspired by Watergate

J. Kingston Pierce is both the editor of The Rap Sheet and the senior editor of January Magazine. One of three top thrillers inspired by Watergate he tagged at Kirkus Reviews:
...Warren Adler’s The Henderson Equation (1976) explores the corridors of power and the social circles of the nation’s capital. More importantly, it brims with the specialized mechanics of probing a front-page political scandal and putting out newspapers. But Adler, who’s better known as the author of that fiery divorce novel, War of the Roses (1981), delivers a yarn in which the broadsheet itself may lose by winning the answers it seeks.

Two years after blowing the lid off a story about White House corruption and cover-ups, and compelling the resignation of a reviled president, the Washington Chronicle is looking for something new to prop up its cachet. But the article waiting to roll through the typewriter of that daily’s cleverest young investigative reporter—the same newsie, Gunderstein, whose talents at inspiring confidence in his sources helped him topple the Oval Office’s recent occupant—offers considerably more risks than rewards.

It seems he’s come across credible allegations that Sen. Burton Henderson, the Democratic front-runner in the coming presidential election, was the...[read on]
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--Marshal Zeringue