Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Four notable YA steampunk novels

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Katherine Monasterio recommended four unique YA steampunk novels, including:
Etiquette and Espionage, by Gail Carriger

The plot: In this series, Sophronia’s mother sends her to a very different kind of finishing school. She’s less than thrilled until she realizes that this floating fortress of a school has a staff of supernatural teachers, and instructs young ladies the finer points of espionage. Determined to stop one of her classmates from handing over an object to the school’s enemies, Sophronia and her friends tail one of her older classmates and plot to take her down.

What makes it unique: This school setting makes this story great; not only do the ladies learn espionage, but they’re congratulated when they use it successfully outside of class. And instead of focusing on the typically masculine nature of espionage, the school teaches Sophronia and the others to use one’s femininity as a weapon. They’re encouraged to study the latest fashions, and they work with the restrictions of style and society to conceal deadly weapons and abilities. The blend of supernatural elements with steampunk combine for a one-two punch better than any pummeling with a parasol.
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Writers Read: Gail Carriger (February 2013).

--Marshal Zeringue