Friday, September 20, 2013

Ten top love stories with a twist

Holly Bourne's debut YA novel, Soulmates, twists around the usual romantic expectations by asking "what if finding your soulmate was the worst thing ever?"

One of the author's top ten love stories with a twist, as told to the Guardian:
Delirium by Lauren Oliver

When you link the word 'love' with 'contagious infection', your first thought is to head to your local STI clinic. But in Lauren Oliver's beautiful dsytopian novel, Love is a contagious disease. A disease called Amor Deliria Nervosa no less, and teens all get an operation on their 18th birthday to cure them of this hideous affliction. Lena is all for getting cured until she makes the mistake of falling deliriously in love just weeks before her own operation. By setting this love story in a world where love is a hideous thing, Oliver makes the reader re-examine why it's such a gorgeous thing, why love is worth fighting for.
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Delirium is one of Torie Bosch's five top dark YA novels set in post-climate-change world.

--Marshal Zeringue