Monday, September 23, 2013

Five desert island books for instruction or entertainment

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Dell Villa tagged five books you might want to have in tow if you were shipwrecked and faced with the exciting reality of creating a new civilization, including:
Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand

The incredible story of famed Olympic runner Louis Zamperini during World War II is made even more compelling by the fact that it’s completely true. His persistent will to survive on the high seas, in multiple Japanese POW camps, and in the dire domestic circumstances to which he returned in America, is the fabric of a narrative that would certainly provide me with the hope and hubris necessary to make it on my own on a desert island. Moreover, his refusal to give in and magnanimity might be enough for me to swallow a coconuts-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner diet, at least for a few weeks.
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Unbroken is among Lauren Passell's top seven books that belong on every runner’s bookshelf.

--Marshal Zeringue