Wednesday, January 11, 2012

J.H. Trumble's Don’t Let Me Go," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble.

The entry begins:
Casting for Don’t Let Me Go has proven to be more difficult than writing the book! Believe me, I’d much rather write. I think everyone forms an image of a character in their minds. Movies really have to sell the casting to the people. Take Robert Pattinson as Edward. At first, I thought no, no, no, no, no. Halfway through the movie, though, I’d changed my mind. Robert Pattinson is the perfect Edward.

So I’m going to cheat a little. I think casting should come from a lesser-known group of actors, so lesser known that I don’t know them either! Instead, I’ll suggest types.

Nate is probably the easiest for me to cast. Nice looking, athletic, brooding but funny. I think a younger Nate...[read on]
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My Book, The Movie: Don’t Let Me Go.

--Marshal Zeringue