Friday, June 18, 2010

Lucy Balch's "Love Trumps Logic," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch.

The entry begins:
The casting game can bring a book to life, sometimes in unintended ways. Imagining this, that or the other actor as my various characters renders giggles, frowns or—finally—a sigh that acknowledges rightness.

An interesting thing about favorite actors: They can inspire whole books. Johnny Depp, my pick for sexiest actor of all time, kept my fingers flying over the keyboard as I wrote Love Trumps Logic—particularly during certain spicy scenes that are key to a romance novel. And the twelve or so year’s difference between him and my hero, Beau? It didn’t matter a whit. Beau’s sultry eyes and kissable lips—taken straight from Johnny’s face—give believability to his legendary status in the gossip rags of his day. He’s a man women want to read about, to spy on, nay, to bed.

Who better to catch charismatic Beau than...[read on]
Lucy Balch's Love Trumps Logic is available on or through Second Wind Publishing.

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My Book, The Movie: Love Trumps Logic.

--Marshal Zeringue