Monday, June 28, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Caryn Casey & Legacy and Impulse

The current featured trio at Coffee with a Canine: Caryn Casey & Legacy and Impulse.

Casey, on how her dogs joined her family:
Fate brought us to both dogs in opposing ways and distinct ways. After deeply mourning the loss of our first beloved dog, Rafferty, I felt if there was to be another dog in my life, it would need to be one with special needs. We adopted Legacy through Homeward Bound Dog Rescue in Minnesota; she has deformed front paws and a background that included mistreatment. I have often said, Impulse came to us in a way that would never happen again. Ten years ago, we purchased her from a pet store after I felt an almost indescribable and immediate attachment to her. I had never purchased a dog before that in any other way than through a rescue. I didn’t know then what I have come to learn about puppy mills and what I was supporting at the time by buying her, but she has had some health issues, including becoming blind and I feel...[read on]
Caryn Casey is co-owner of a company called Much More Than Me and a writer specializing the past several years in dog rescue issues and stories.

Her book, UNDERDOGS: Valuable Information and Stories of Transformation is a culmination of this work; part storytelling, part resource.

Visit the Much More Than Me website and blog.

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Caryn Casey & Legacy and Impulse.

--Marshal Zeringue