Monday, June 14, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Lucy Balch & Rudy

Today's featured guests at Coffee with a Canine: Lucy Balch and Rudy.

Balch, on how Rudy came into her family:
I found Rudy one rainy day on my way home from work—on a grassy median in the middle of a highway. He was sitting, tongue lolling to one side, watching the cars go by as if what he was doing made perfect sense. Fearful that this silly dog would get hit, I pulled over. Another lady stopped to help, and we managed to get Rudy onto my backseat—he was a bit hesitant at first.

I took him straight to a vet, who told me he was about a year old and in good health. Part Chow, part Shepherd, part Golden, and the vet pronounced him to have a wonderful personality too.

We later found his owners through the county pound. Rudy had a prior record, since his wanderlust had caused him to jump their fence on two other occasions. Initially, we gave him back, but through an occurrence of pure serendipity, I ran into one of the owners again. She told me that he wouldn’t stop crying, that...[read on]
Lucy Balch's Love Trumps Logic is available on or through Second Wind Publishing.

About Love Trumps Logic:
When suitors are baffled by Miss Fiona Fairmont's scientific turn of mind her mother tearfully predicts that her daughter will be doomed to spinsterhood—until Lord Henry Featherstone comes along. Nicknamed "the Mad Scientist," Henry appreciates Fiona's mind as well as her face. Fiona thinks she's found the perfect husband in Henry until notorious Lord Albert Beaumont crashes through her neatly laid plans.
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