Thursday, May 06, 2010

Top ten illustrated books for adults

Jim Bob, was born James Neil Morrison, released his first records with the band Jamie Wednesday; after Jamie Wednesday, Jim Bob formed Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine with guitarist Fruitbat.

His autobiography Goodnight Jim Bob – On The Road With Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine was published in 2004. Jim Bob's Storage Stories, a "comic fictional autobiographical novel and collection of short stories," is published this month in the UK.

For the Guardian he named his top ten illustrated books for adults. One title on the list:
Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut

It's ridiculous of me to place it at number one, or to even call it illustrated. There's only one drawing of a tombstone that appears a few times in the book. It's not even a particularly good drawing of a tombstone. It's at the top of my chart though, because when the picture appears at the end of the story it's as the punchline to my favourite ending to any book ever. I won't ruin the book by saying what it is.
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--Marshal Zeringue