Friday, May 21, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Laura Weldon & Jedi, Cocoa Bean and Winston

This weekend's guests at Coffee with a Canine: Laura Grace Weldon & Jedi, Cocoa Bean and Winston.

Weldon, on the occasion for Coffee with a Canine:
The hounds are gentlemen of habit. They expect a daily walk down the street plus a stroll around the farm. They associate the smells of coffee with a newspaper-enhanced snuggle in the morning and relaxation time outdoors in the afternoon. If I attempt to alter any of these routines they go into Trinity of Despondency mode.

Today we’re having coffee out back here at Bit of Earth Farm. For the dogs that means visiting livestock, sitting by the pond (or in the pond) and rolling in...[read on]
Laura Grace Weldon is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. Her book advocates for the child’s right to learn naturally and demonstrates how to enfold this approach into daily life. It incorporates ancient wisdom, current research and the educational insights shared by over 100 homeschooling families from around the world.

Among early praise for Free Range Learning:
“If we want to live in a more peaceful, democratic and humane world we need to re-think our child rearing practices–this book provides the groundwork and inspiration for this type of revolution. If you love children and humanity this book is a must read.”
--Carlo Ricci, Ph.D editor, The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning

“This book should be read by every parent, teacher, and school administrator as the beginning of education reform that includes respect for the learning process of every child. It incorporates beautiful philosophies such as slowing down, kindness, empathy, cooperation, the dangers of materialism, creating a heart-centered lifestyle, and much more. It is a beautiful read.”
--Jane Nelsen author of Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World
Learn more about Free Range Learning, check out Laura Weldon’s blog, and find out what’s up on the farm.

Writers Read: Laura Grace Weldon.

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Laura Grace Weldon & Jedi, Cocoa Bean and Winston.

--Marshal Zeringue