Monday, May 24, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Kris Neri & Annabelle

Today's featured couple at Coffee with a Canine: Kris Neri and Annabelle.

Neri, on how they were united:
My husband and I had lost two old dogs within six months of each other, and we were devastated. But we had also recently opened a new business -- The Well Red Coyote bookstore in Sedona, Arizona -- and we weren't sure whether we would have enough time to devote to a new pet. But we were dog-lonely, and our cat, Philly, who has only lived with dogs, not cats, was, too. But we also had no employees at the time, and we worked every day, so we couldn't even take time off together to go to the shelter to look for a dog, only separately. We'd been visiting the shelter separately for a few days, but neither of us really felt we connected with any of the dogs, and choosing a companion was something we felt we should do together. There was just a short window of time after the Sedona Humane Society shelter opened, before our store did. One day, before the store opened, we went back together for a quick look. They've built quite an elaborate animal shelter there now, but when we went in search of a new friend, it was a more humble affair, with runs visible from the parking lot. When we pulled into the lot, a sweet little face that we hadn't seen on any of our other visits, just connected with us. Apparently, someone had abandoned a six-month-old cocker spaniel outside of the shelter during the night. Unfortunately, several other people also wanted to adopt her, including a shelter employee. The woman in charge told us...[read on]
Among the praise for Revenge for Old Times' Sake:
"Wacky, witty, wise and wonderful. With the show-biz savvy, funny and punny Kris Neri as producer and director, readers will laugh their way through non-stop action, zany characters and a madcap plot worthy of the silver screen. (The secret? This is a smart, solid and well-written mystery--that reveals a lot of heart.)"
--Hank Phillippi Ryan Agatha-winning author of Prime Time

“Vanity, celebrity, murder, and fabulous shoes! Revenge for Old Times' Sake has all this and more. Kris Neri’s cool-under-pressure protagonist and her witty narrative voice are the reasons this series is an award winner. The clever plot twists and vivid characters bring to mind what might result from the unholy coupling of Mel Brooks and Janet Evanovich. But I’ll take Tracy Eaton over Stephanie Plum any day of the week.”
--Bill Fitzhugh, author of Pest Control and Highway 61 Resurfaced

“A witty glimpse at insider Hollywood with a spunky, no-nonsense heroine, the movie-star mother from hell and cast of big egos. A fun and fast-paced read.”
--Rhys Bowen, author of Her Royal Spyness, Molly Murphy and Evan Evans mysteries
Kris Neri's latest book,
Revenge for Old Times' Sake, is the third book in her Agatha, Anthony, Macavity Award-nominated Tracy Eaton mystery series. She's also recently published High Crimes on the Magical Plane, a Lefty Award nominee and the first book in a new paranormal series.

Visit Kris Neri's website and The Well Red Coyote bookstore website.

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Kris Neri and Annabelle.

--Marshal Zeringue