Monday, May 10, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Gwyn Cready & Socks

Today's featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Gwyn Cready & Socks the silkie terrier.

Cready, on how they were united:
Socks is our very first dog. My husband and I grew up in cat families and have always been cat people. However, from the time my daughter could speak, she said she wanted a dog. I'd say there was an accidental baby switch at the hospital, but she looks so much like me, I don't think I'd have a leg to stand on. We finally bowed to the pressure for Christmas, when she was eleven. We picked a Yorkshire terrier puppy, since we thought it would be best to dip our toe in the canine world with a dog who was cat-sized. Unfortunately (or, rather, fortunately), while we adopted a black Yorkshire terrier from the breeder we expected to be about seven pounds, he grew up to be a white silkie terrier who tips the scales at 13 pounds. So much for expectations. We couldn't imagine a better dog, though. He's a little dog who thinks he's a big dog, so he's a great watch dog. He's also a great litter mate to our daughter, who shares her bed with him each night. Suffice to say, we are totally in love with him and can't imagine how we lived without a dog before. My daughter wears a ridiculously self-satisfied smile whenever...[read on]
Gwyn Cready has a BA in English literature and an MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago. She lives in Pittsburgh with her family.

Her books include the RITA® Award-winning Seducing Mr. Darcy and the recently released Flirting with Forever.

Among the early praise for Flirting with Forever:
"[A] compelling romance that will leave readers breathless."
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Read an excerpt from Flirting with Forever.

Visit Gwyn Cready's website and blog.

Coffee with a Canine: Gwyn Cready & Socks.

--Marshal Zeringue