Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What is Carla Buckley reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Carla Buckley, author of The Things That Keep Us Here.

Her entry begins:
Because I’m a non-scientist writing about science, I usually read a lot of non-fiction while I’m in the process of researching my next book. I’ve just turned in my latest manuscript, so now I’m catching up on my fiction reading. Although I read a pretty broad selection, I do focus on thrillers. Currently, I am reading four novels that are about to be released.

Rescuing Olivia by Julie Compton. I was happy to snag an early read of Compton's second novel having read (and loved) her debut, Tell No Lies. Rescuing Olivia is about one man's determination to rescue the woman he loves who has gone missing. It’s Compton’s extraordinary ability to make her characters seem so real that we feel as though we’ve known them all our lives that drives this novel forward. And her gift of establishing setting (from lush Florida coast to chilly Connecticut town to the vast and magical African plains) makes us feel as though we’re right there, running alongside Anders as he...[read on]
Carla Buckley is the debut author of The Things That Keep Us Here (Delacorte Press, February 2010.) Orion in the UK and Wunderlich in Germany pre-empted rights to The Things That Keep Us Here and Buckley's next book, which Delacorte will publish in 2011. Buckley is the Chair of the International Thriller Writers Debut Program and currently lives in Ohio with her husband and children.

Among the early praise for The Things That Keep Us Here:
"A timely premise...ripped from the headlines...Buckley raises important questions about trust, loyalty and forgiveness."
Publishers Weekly

"A very credible premise ... operating both as a psychological profile of a family under duress and as a scary, gripping look at the effects of a pandemic. For fans of Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, and Daniel Kalla."

"With crisp writing and taut pacing, Buckley spins a convincing apocalyptic vision that's both frightening and claustrophobic."
Library Journal
Visit Carla Buckley's website and read more about The Things That Keep Us Here.

Writers Read: Carla Buckley.

--Marshal Zeringue