Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Magazine Man & Blaze

Today's featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Magazine Man & Blaze.

Magazine Man on Blaze's proudest moment ... and most embarrassing:
Well, I’ve been proudest of Blaze whenever he’s leapt to the defense of my family, which has happened about a dozen times. I suspect Blaze’s finest hour (aside from a nasty moment last year with his former owner, which is a story I’m not ready to tell yet) was the time he saved the Brownie from a crazy blackbird that was dive-bombing her (and many of our neighbors). Blaze caught the bird in mid-air and bit its head off. People came out of their houses to watch and made a big fuss over Blaze when it was all over. You could tell he was proud of himself, the way everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed and he stood there, looking off into the distance like none of it mattered (except that he kept looking back over his shoulder to make sure we were all still looking at him). It was a sweet moment.

As for most embarrassing, I’d wager that was the time he ate an industrial-size bag of Tootsie Rolls (wrappers and all), then promptly threw them up.

Or perhaps the time he was being chased by the kids and my son ran into him, accidentally poking him in the rear-end with...[read on]
Magazine Man is a semi-anonymous writer and editor who, since 2004 (and despite an egregious three-month absence recently) writes the blog “Somewhere on the Masthead.” Unconfirmed rumors have linked him to a fellow by the name of Stephen C. George, who is also a writer and editor—who is in fact the editor-in-chief of The Saturday Evening Post. But really, how much stock can you put in these rumors?

Blaze is a purebred male mutt: part Rottweiler, part beagle (perhaps), with a little lab thrown in. He’s about 8 years old.

Visit the Magazine Man's blog, Somewhere on the Masthead.

Watch two YouTube videos—links
here and here—both involving Blaze and his interactions with the Éclair, the Magazine Man's youngest. You can hear her calling him “Bazey.”

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Magazine Man & Blaze.

--Marshal Zeringue