Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SI's 5 most influential sports books of the decade

One title on Sports Illustrated's list of the most influential sports books of the decade:
Moneyball (2003)

Say what you want about Billy Beane's trophy case in Oakland, but when you read the first 50 pages of Michael Lewis' bestseller, chances are you'll never watch a baseball game the same way again. Moneyball has more than just entered the baseball lexicon; it's changed the way front offices conduct business. Sure, the A's haven't won a World Series adhering to Beane's once-unconventional strategies; but three of the teams that hired sabermetric analysts in Moneyball's wake have (Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees). Stay tuned for the on-again, off-again film adaptation starring Brad Pitt as Beane himself.
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Moneyball also appears on Richard J. Tofel's list of the five best books on baseball as a business.

--Marshal Zeringue