Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coffee with a canine: Jennifer King & Poppy

The current featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Jennifer King & Poppy.

King, on how Poppy joined her household:
Our family moved this past summer from Cincinnati, Ohio, US, to be expats in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ll be here for a few years, which is really exciting for us. But our former family dog died a few months before we moved—she was a Boxer, and was 10 years old, and her passing left a huge hole in our hearts. So when things settled down for us here after the move, Prague felt like home, but our new home was missing a dog. After mentioning this to a friend, we discovered another new expat family’s two Labradoodles had just had a litter of puppies. And the rest is history! Poppy joined our family about a month ago, and is a real delight to us all. We’re so...[read on]
Visit Jennifer King's website and blog, and follow her on Twitter.

About her book, The One Year Mini for Busy Women:
You're a busy woman on the go. From the competing demands of work to the whining voices of kids in the back seat, your days are crammed full of stuff to do. It's in the in-between times (waiting for the kids at a soccer match, on the commute home, during a lunch break at work) that you have time to center your thoughts back on the simple joys in life--the beauty of flowers in bloom, the exuberance of young toddlers at play, the excitement of kids coming home from school. The One Year Mini for Busy Women is there for you when you need.
Read--Coffee with a Canine: Jennifer King & Poppy.

--Marshal Zeringue