Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is Lois Lowry reading?

The current featured contributor to Writers Read: Lois Lowry, author of over 30 books for children, including the Newbery Award-winning Number the Stars (1990) and The Giver (1994).

Of The Giver, she writes:
The Giver - and Gathering Blue, and the newest in the trilogy: Messenger - take place against the background of very different cultures and times. Though all three are broader in scope than my earlier books, they nonetheless speak to the same concern: the vital need of people to be aware of their interdependence, not only with each other, but with the world and its environment.
Her new book, Crow Call, is due out in October.

Lowry's entry begins:
I usually have more than one book going at the same time, and that is true now. I'm reading Rafael Yglesias's A Happy Marriage, which though written in fictional form is really a memoir: the story of his own long and happy marriage. The chapters are interspersed, going back and forth, beginning with his first meeting Margaret, immediately contrasted in chapter two with her last days as he cares for her during her final illness, then back to their courtship in chapter three. It's a -- I began to say "glimpse" but it is much more than a glimpse -- it is a study of a deep and lasting relationship through many years.[read on]
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Writers Read: Lois Lowry.

--Marshal Zeringue