Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coffee with a Canine: Katie Alender & Winston

The current feature at Coffee with a Canine: Katie Alender & Winston.

Katie Alender's first brush with publication was the article “So You Want to Live On Mars?” published in Sassy magazine in December 1991. More recently, she was the head writer on the 48-Hour Film Project “Best of Los Angeles 2007” winner, Project 96-B, and won a short story contest with a story entitled Deliverance Smith. For the past five years she has produced dog shows for TV (like in the mockumentary Best In Show), which she calls "the best day job ever."

Her new YA novel is Bad Girls Don’t Die.

Winston, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a dog of many talents. Alender:
He’s a very fast learner and loves to work on tricks. We clicker-train, which I recommend for anyone wanting to teach their dog new behaviors. Winston can sit, stay, lie down, leave it, shake, high-five, double-high-five, spin, walk in a circle around me, play dead, swat kisses that are blown at him, and “go say hi.”

He learned “go say hi” when I was working on the dog show—he came to the office with me every day from the time he was 8 weeks old. We had a gate at the office door, and when someone came by, we apparently would say, “Go say hi!” I don’t know exactly how we realized it, but even if he’s asleep, you can say, “Go say hi!” and he’ll get up and run to the nearest door.
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--Marshal Zeringue