Friday, July 24, 2009

Coffee with a canine: Nicholas Griffin & Otto

The current feature at Coffee with a Canine: Nicholas Griffin & Otto.

Griffin's books include the historical novels The Requiem Shark and House of Sight and Shadow and the nonfiction work, Caucasus. His latest novel is Dizzy City.

Read an excerpt from Dizzy City and learn more about the book and author at Nicholas Griffin's website.

Griffin on Otto the city dog:
He loves the dog parks, I’m not so keen. A French bulldog took a bite out of his ear last week so he came home, shook his head and redecorated the kitchen in blood. Every now and then, when I take him to the country, he tries to make friends with anyone who walks past hoping to be adopted and spared a return to a life of concrete and peeing against piles of trash. Last week, out of the city, he surreptitiously crept into someone’s golf cart while I was talking to them and almost made it to a life of grass and trees. I like to think of him as a canine Steve McQueen and we’re serving our time in the city together.
The Page 99 Test: Dizzy City.

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Read--Coffee with a Canine: Nicholas Griffin & Otto.

--Marshal Zeringue