Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five best: studies of consumer culture

Paco Underhill is CEO of Envirosell Inc. and the author of Why We Buy and Call of the Mall.

In 2006 he named a five best list of studies of consumer culture for the Wall Street Journal. One title on the list:
"Not Buying It" by Judith Levine (Free Press, 2006).

Most of us could live the rest of our lives on fruits, vegetables, pasta, wine, olive oil and yearly doses of socks and underwear. In truth we need little. Judith Levine, in "Not Buying It," tries with her significant other to spend a year off the shopping grid as they move between their homes in Brooklyn and Vermont. The story swings from asking how crucial Q-tips really are to exploring the fine line between shopping as therapy and shopping as sickness. This is a charming book about trying to live small, and it is a fair-minded look at the "simply living" movement.
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--Marshal Zeringue