Friday, November 02, 2007

What is Stephen Tobolowsky reading?

Veteran character actor Stephen Tobolowsky talked to the Christian Science Monitor about his recent video- and film-viewing and what he's been listening to.

And what he's been reading:
I am reading Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. The little back story behind it is that about 12 years ago, as I was sitting in my dressing room or my trailer doing a movie, I realized I was playing a lot of Tetris. So I vowed that I would only read George Eliot or Charles Dickens when I was working. Now I'm in the weird Dickens, the one people don't read. Jane Austen is next, and also Victor Hugo. When I'm at home, I read Science magazine, horse books, and books on male menopause [laughs]. I ride horses, so [I read books on] how to be a horseman.
Read about what the actor likes to watch and listen to.

--Marshal Zeringue