Sunday, November 25, 2007

David Wellington's "13 Bullets" & "99 Coffins," the movies

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: David Wellington's 13 Bullets and 99 Coffins.

Wellington laid out the backstory before he named actors he'd like to see in screen adaptations of the books:
My novels, 13 Bullets and the upcoming 99 Coffins, are set in a world where vampires have long been a historical fact, having always lived beside, and preying on, the human population. They’re bigger than us, much faster, and almost impossible to kill even before they start drinking blood. Afterwards they’re virtually bulletproof. They can only be brought down by destroying their hearts — all other wounds heal instantly. They are hairless, pigment-free freaks with rows of wicked teeth and they don’t read poetry and date cute vampire hunters, and they don’t daintily sip blood from a pair of hickeys on your neck. They’d rather tear off your head and suck the blood from your spurting stump.

Needless to say humanity tries to fight back — and though we’re severely outmatched, the numbers are on our side. Over the centuries we’ve managed to turn the tide, ferreting out vampire lairs during the light of day and exterminating these predators wherever we find them. By the 1980s vampires are believed by most people to be extinct. Then, in the twenty-first century, evidence comes to light that this was nothing more than a fond hope. A cadre of vampires are back and slaughtering the good people of Pennsylvania. It falls on a pair of law enforcement agents to put them back in their coffins for good. One is an aging U.S. Marshal, the only living American who has fought a vampire before and lived. The other is a young State Trooper, a member of the Highway Patrol who has never discharged her weapon outside of a firing range. [read on to see who the author would cast to play these characters in a film adaptation]
Among the praise for 13 Bullets:
“In 13 Bullets, David Wellington focuses his ample powers of imagination on modernizing the vampire legend. The result is a charming, funny, bloody, and best of all, thrilling adventure. FBI vampire hunters Caxton and Arkeley make an electric duo. Thwarting them at every turn from within the walls of a maximum security prison, ringleader Malvern is a diabolical cross between Hannibal Lecter and one of Anne Rice's ancients.”
—Sarah Langan, author of The Keeper

“Lace collars and kerchiefs are nowhere to be found in this breakneck, blood-spattered, totally original vampire novel. Breathless, exciting and totally kick ass.”
—B. H. Fingerman, author of Bottomfeeder

"...the action is nonstop, the pace relentless and absorbing."
—Paul Witcover,
99 Coffins is due out on December 31, 2007.

David Wellington is also the author of the Monster Island trilogy and Plague Zone, a new serial novel available at

Read more about 13 Bullets and 99 Coffins, and visit David Wellington's website.

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