Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alex Scarrow's "A Thousand Suns," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Alex Scarrow's A Thousand Suns.

Scarrow's entry opens:
The book started out as a screenplay anyway, so writing it as a novel, it already had the movie pace, and chapters that were effectively scenes. As I wrote the book, from page one I already had the cast in my head - something screenwriters do, more than novel writers I think. Anyway then, let's get on with casting...

Chris Roland, a wildlife photographer who explores the submerged ruins of a B-17 bomber off the coast of America. That role was always going to be played by Paul Bettany (Wimbledon, Da Vinci Code, Master and Commander). He's very English and self-effacing.

Max Kleinman, pilot and leader of a Luftwaffe crew, tasked with flying a captured B-17 bomber to America to drop the Nazis' one and only atom bomb on New York in the last few days of the war. I saw this character being played by .... [read on]
Alex Scarrow is the author of A Thousand Suns, Last Light, and Ellie Quin.

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