Friday, November 09, 2007

Pg. 69: James Scott Bell's "Try Dying"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: James Scott Bell's Try Dying.

About the book, from the publisher:
Ty Buchanan is a rising star in his L.A. law firm, and looking forward to a bright future with his beautiful and sweet fiancee, Jacqueline. Then Ernesto Bonilla ends it all. A smalltime thug, Bonilla makes headlines when he murders his wife and commits suicide by jumping off an overpass, landing on Jacqueline's car and ending both of their lives. The newspapers and the police write it off as a freak accident. But a vagrant approaches Ty at Jacqueline's funeral claiming he witnessed someone else at the scene murder Jacqueline.

Now Ty is determined to find out the truth, no matter what it takes or how far he has to go. As he tracks down Jacqueline's killer, he'll find himself tangled up with a mysterious group called Triunfo which claims to rehabilitate former gang members -- but are their intentions as honorable as they claim? Ty relentlessly navigates the underworld of L.A., and soon finds himself the target of a killer.
Among the early praise for James Scott Bell and Try Dying:
"Former trial lawyer Bell (No Legal Grounds) starts this engaging whodunit series kickoff by plunging successful young L.A. attorney Ty Buchanan into deep mourning for his fiancée, Jacqueline Dwyer. Apparently, wife-murderer Ernesto Bonilla shot himself on a highway overpass and his body landed on Dwyer's car, killing her. Buchanan, in the grip of intense grief, is further burdened when a scruffy man accosts him at the funeral and demands money in exchange for the truth: that Dwyer survived Bonilla's fall, only to be murdered. When the police dismiss this explanation, Buchanan risks his career and his life to get to the bottom of the mystery, crossing paths with a variety of powerful movers and shakers and ending up a murder suspect himself. Readers will enjoy Bell's talent for description and character development, even if the overall setup of a white-collar worker scouring the mean streets is familiar terrain."
Publishers Weekly

"Attorney Ty Buchanan is prepping a potentially career-making case involving repressed memories (he's defending a doctor who, after publicly criticizing a repressed-memory expert, is now being sued for defamation). When his fiancée is killed in what appears to be a freakish coincidence, Ty is shattered. And when he learns that Jacqueline might have been murdered, he risks his career and his life to find the truth. Bell, an attorney turned prolific novelist, has created in Buchanan an appealing and series-worthy protagonist (he's already working on the second Buchanan novel), and the tale equally balances action and drama, motion and emotion. Readers who pride themselves on figuring out the answers before an author reveals them are in for a surprise, too: Bell is very good at keeping secrets. Fans of thrillers with lawyers as their central characters — Lescroart and Margolin, especially — will welcome this new addition to their must-read lists."

"Bell is one of the best writers out there ... he creates characters readers care about ... tells a story worth telling."
The Library Review, Phillip Tomasso III

"No author can write a superlative suspense story every time — unless that author is Bell."
Romantic Times

Read an excerpt from Try Dying, and learn more about the author and his books at James Scott Bell's website.

James Scott Bell is the award winning author of several novels of suspense and historical intrigue.

The Page 69 Test: Try Dying.

--Marshal Zeringue