Monday, October 09, 2023

Six stories featuring ghosts with unfinished business

Meredith R. Lyons grew up in New Orleans, collecting two degrees from Louisiana State University before running away to Chicago to be an actor. In between plays, she got her black belt and made martial arts and yoga her full-time day job. She fought in the Chicago Golden Gloves, ran the Chicago Marathon, and competed for team U.S.A. in the savate world championships in Paris. In spite of doing each of these things twice, she couldn’t stay warm and relocated to Nashville. She owns several swords, but lives a non-violent life, saving all swashbuckling for the page, knitting scarves, gardening, visiting coffee shops, and cuddling with her husband and two panther-sized cats. Ghost Tamer is her first novel.

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At CrimeReads Lyons tagged a "collection of unfinished business stories both long and short, creepy and slightly campy," including:
How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Extra creep factor for haunted puppets, dolls, and yes, even taxidermy creatures. Main character Louise Joyner has a difficult relationship with her brother Mark, but they have to work together to get their recently deceased parents’ house sold, although the house may have other ideas. You’ll have to trust me that unfinished business abounds so that I don’t spoil the read for you. It’s best to go in without knowing too much.
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