Saturday, October 28, 2023

Five scary books to read for Halloween

In 2014 Liz Egan shared for Glamour five scary books to read for Halloween, including:
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Thanks to The Shining, "REDRUM" is hands-down the most gut-wrenching nom-word in the English language. Say it in the creepy voice of the boy in the movie and you're immediately transported to that sleepless sleepover where you first watched it in someone's basement rec room. What ever happened to that boy? Did he turn into an angry alcoholic like his dad? Now you can find out in this stressful, suspenseful, semi-sequel, which King himself calls "a real balls-to-the-wall scary story." (Note to newbies: The Shining is not a prerequisite for enjoyment of this book—it's a standalone page-turner.)
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Doctor Sleep is among Laura Purcell's top ten books about spirit mediums.

--Marshal Zeringue