Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stephen Brumwell's "Turncoat," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Turncoat: Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty by Stephen Brumwell.

From the entry:
With its dramatis personae of colorful historical figures, Turncoat offers many challenging roles. Besides Arnold and Washington, there’s the defector’s doomed collaborator, the gallant young British officer Major John André. Washington’s resourceful aide (and man of the moment) Colonel Alexander Hamilton is another key player, while Arnold’s young bride, the beautiful Peggy Shippen (who was heavily involved in the conspiracy), adds a strong female character.

But who should play the enigmatic Arnold, the brave, handsome, headstrong, charismatic but conflicted veteran, constantly simmering with resentment against his detractors? The role could provide an Oscar-worthy opportunity for many actors, but one comes to mind:...[read on]
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My Book, The Movie: Turncoat.

--Marshal Zeringue