Sunday, June 24, 2018

Five SFF books where art matters

C.L. Polk's debut novel is Witchmark. At she tagged five SFF "stories where art matters—to the story, to its society, and to its character," including:
Mortal Love by Elizabeth Hand

Hand’s sublime book leaps from one century to another, from one artist to another, exploring the popular and often destructive ideas around art, madness, drugs, and visionary creativity. Through every thread of narrative is a woman—chestnut haired, green-eyed, irresistible and dangerous. She’s drawn to artists and leaves devastation behind her as she tries to find her way. When I read it, the part of me that staunchly believes that magic is real, fey, and dangerous wakes up and glides a finger down the nape of my neck.
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--Marshal Zeringue