Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Emily Devenport's "Medusa Uploaded," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Medusa Uploaded (The Medusa Cycle, Volume 1) by Emily Devenport.

The entry begins:
I love movies. I'm not one of those writers who worries that a movie will ruin her story. I often think about actors and actresses (sometimes also politicians and other public figures) when I'm writing. And if you've read Medusa Uploaded you will have noticed that I also tend to think about film scores.

I had a few different actresses in mind when I imagined Oichi, but the gal who showed up the most in my head was Ruth Negga. You may recall her from Agents of Shield and Preacher. For Lady Sheba, I always pictured Vanessa Williams. I adore Nichelle Nichols, and I'd love to see her playing a juicy villainess, so I think she'd be fabulous as Lady Gloria. For Oichi's mother, I'd like to see Michele Yeoh.

For Gennady Mironenko, I always picture Neal...[read on]
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