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What is M.M. DeLuca reading?

Featured at Writers Read: M.M. DeLuca, author of The Night Side.

Her entry begins:
I like to keep up with shortlisted and Booker prizewinning books, so I've just finished reading this year's winner, Prophet Song by Paul Lynch. I'm a huge fan of dystopian novels. I started out my writing career in that genre and Prophet Song ranks up there with classics like Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, sharing many parallels like a strong, heroic woman as the main character and the fact that every horrific and unimaginable incident portrayed in the story is happening somewhere in the world today . This is an incredibly important novel for our times, aimed at jogging us out of our complacency. Many of us have become desensitized towards the horrors that brutal political regimes can unleash on a country. We're accustomed to watching the devastation of war and the resulting societal collapse, on TV from the safety of our living rooms. We witness the agonies of streams of displaced men, women and children driven from their homes, and risking their lives to reach safety, and we believe it can never happen to us. Reading this book sends us...[read on]
About The Night Side, from the publisher:
Twenty years of secrets. One deadly truth.

When Ruby Carlson was eighteen, she ran away from her home in Stoneybrook, Montana, and vowed she'd never return. Never return to life under the control of her manipulative mother, Ida, a self-styled medium and psychic scammer who made a career out of ruining people's lives. Never return to the small town where enemies lurk at every turn.

But now, twenty years later, Ruby is back. Her mother is missing, presumed dead, and Ruby reluctantly returns to a home filled with chilling memories to settle Ida's affairs. Did she really commit suicide by drowning, or is this another dark scheme? Ruby thought she knew everything about her mother, but finds herself unraveling a web of lies and secrets to reveal a story more twisted than anyone could have imagined...
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