Friday, January 12, 2024

Seven top books set in Turkey

İnci Atrek is a writer living in Istanbul by way of London, San Francisco, Dublin, Singapore, and two tiny towns in France.

Holiday Country is her debut novel.

At Electric Lit she tagged seven
novels, memoirs, and collections in which Turkey is thrown into high relief. In other words, books reflecting the experiences of those getting to know Turkey—or a new Turkey—inch by inch. Everything to them is peculiar, fascinating, worthy of exploration. It’s that time when all the senses are on high alert. Before everything fades into the background, and becomes once again, the setting for life as usual.
One title on the list:
Dare to Disappoint by Özge Samancı

Samancı grew up along the Aegean, and her graphic memoir chronicles her burgeoning understanding of her country through an inquisitive child’s eyes. She recalls crushes on teachers, her admiration of Turkey’s first president, and the difficulty of navigating religious differences as a student. There’s a lot packed into this story from girlhood to university graduate, but approaching convoluted topics with a strong dose of innocence offers an entertaining glimpse into the life of a young woman making sense of a convoluted and evolving country—and her place in it.
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--Marshal Zeringue