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What is Tracy Clark reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Tracy Clark, author of Fall.

Her entry begins:
I am currently reading Bad Influence by Alison Gaylin. I love it, I love it, I love it! There is nothing about the PI genre I don't like, and Gaylin artfully continues with one of the late Robert B. Parker's iconic Boston PIs, Sunny Randall (and her doggy sidekick Rosie).

This one delves into the world of Instagram influencers. Someone's out to kill one of them and Sunny's brought in to protect the guy from his tormentor and figure out what's what before he ends up DOA. The snark is back. The level-eyed stare. Did I say...[read on]
About Tracy Clark's Fall, from the publisher:
In the second book in the Detective Harriet Foster thriller series, author Tracy Clark weaves a twisted journey into the underbelly of Chicago as Harriet and her team work to unmask a serial killer stalking the city’s aldermen.

The Chicago PD is on high alert when two city aldermen are found dead: one by apparent suicide, one brutally stabbed in his office, and both with thirty dimes left on their bodies―a betrayer’s payment. With no other clues, the question is, Who else has a debt to pay?

Detective Harriet Foster is on the case before the killer can strike again. But even with the help of her partner, Detective Vera Li, and the rest of their team, Harriet has little to go on and a lot at risk. There’s no telling who the killer’s next target is or how many will come next.

To stop another murder, Harriet and her officers will have to examine what the victims had going on behind the scenes to determine who could be tangled up in this web of betrayal…and who could be out for revenge.
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