Monday, December 04, 2023

Five of the best holiday crime novels

Born and raised in West Lothian, Catriona McPherson left Edinburgh University with a PhD in Linguistics and worked in academia, as well as banking and public libraries, before taking up full-time writing in 2001. For the last ten years she has lived in Northern California with frequent visits home. Among numerous prizes, she has won two of Left Coast Crime’s coveted Humorous Lefty Awards, as well as the inaugural Anthony Award for Best Humorous Novel, for the Last Ditch comedies. Her latest novel is Hop Scot.

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At CrimeReads she tagged five favorite holiday crime novels, including:
The Christmas Thief, by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

It was just out, set in New York, featuring Willy and Alvirah Meehan, who lived on Central Park South, just like me (except I “lived” there for ten days and they had won the lottery and bought a flat). It was one of the most perfect Christmas crime experiences of my life. Last year, doing an Agatha Christie jigsaw while listening to Christie at Christmas on Radio 4 came close, but I wasn’t in Manhattan.

Since then, I’ve read and re-read all of the Higgins Clarks’ stories about the lottery-winning plumber and house cleaner, Christmas after Christmas. They’re perfect little seasonal bon-bons.
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