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What is Susan Furlong reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Susan Furlong, author of The Killer's Wife.

Her entry begins:
Thanks to a recent visit to my local used bookstore, I’ve added a few new books to my reading pile, including several by a new-to-me author—Julia Keller. I’m half-way through A Killing in the Hills which is the first in her series about Belle Elkins, a single mom and public prosecutor. The writing is powerful, and the author provides a realistic glimpse into some of the issues faced in the poorer regions of Appalachia. But what draws me to this book is Keller’s character development, not only of the main protagonist, who is flawed and relatable, but several lesser characters including a mentally challenged young man accused of a brutal murder. So far, I’m...[read on]
About The Killer's Wife, from the publisher:
A serial killer, a woman on the run, and an obsessive parole officer tangle in a psychological net of death and secrets...

When a severed finger was found in her car four years ago, Kerry Grey was arrested as an accomplice to the brutal slayings of three young women. Unbeknownst to Kerry, her husband Lucas was not only missing, but a deranged serial killer. Finally out on parole, she is ready to start anew and reunite with her young son. However, when a vigilante group inflamed by fear and motivated by reward money sparks a fevered hunt for Lucas, the nightmares of her past return.

Only one person can help Kerry evade the hysteria of the media—her parole officer, Adam Nash. But can she trust him? Was his move to the backwoods town of Joy, Montana coincidental or does Nash have his own obsessive hidden agenda involving the Hatchet Killer mystery, her husband and sweet justice?

It is not long before Kerry’s new life turns dark when she discovers that Lucas has been secretly giving their son carvings made of bone. And when a freshly dismembered victim is uncovered in the forest, the law is after her once again. Left with nowhere else to run, Kerry escapes up a mountainous trail to find Lucas and, one way or another, put an end to the real-life nightmare.

In a final twist of lies and betrayal, Kerry finds Lucas and the truth that will change everything.
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