Monday, July 10, 2023

What is Bonnie Kistler reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Bonnie Kistler, author of Her, Too: A Novel.

Her entry begins:
I usually have three novels going at a time––two on audio and one in print. The audios are typically mystery/suspense/thrillers, while the print is either contemporary literary fiction or a classic. Literary thrillers are the best of both worlds and always top my list. Think Long Bright River by Liz Moore or Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby.

I listen to one book on the treadmill every morning, and my husband and I listen to another during our nightly cocktail hour. (If the story’s particularly engrossing, we continue to listen during dinner and into the evening.) The third book I read in print whenever I have a chance to put my feet up.

Here are my three most recent reads:

On the treadmill: Faithful Place by Tana French. This is one of her Dublin Murder Squad books, and it may be my favorite of the lot. It’s a 20-year-old murder mystery tightly interwoven with a richly realized portrait of a family in a poor neighborhood in Dublin. The narrator is Frank Mackey, a detective who thought he escaped...[read on]
About Her, Too, from the publisher:
Defending an accused rapist, a high-powered lawyer learns firsthand the terrible truth about her client . . . a discovery that propels her on a quest for justice and revenge in this addictively readable thriller from the author of The Cage.

Kelly McCann is a fighter. She’s fought to build a successful legal career, fought for the special needs of her family, and tirelessly fought for her clients. Her specialty is defending men accused of sex crimes––falsely accused, she always maintains. Her detractors call her a traitor to her gender, but she doesn't care. Badass and brilliant, Kelly simply loves to win, and as the story opens, she's done it again, securing an acquittal for a renowned scientist accused of sexually assaulting his female employees.

But the thrill of her victory is short-lived. That very night she, too, falls victim of a brutal sexual assault. And almost as horrific as the attack is the fact that she can't tell anyone it happened—not without destroying her career in the process.

Kelly has never backed down from a fight and she’s not about to start pulling her punches now. Joining forces with her rapist's other victims, the shrewd lawyer plans to turn the tables on him. It’s not only about justice—these wronged women are out for revenge.

But someone, it seems, is out for them, and one by one, they find themselves facing even greater danger.
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