Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Peter Colt's "The Ambassador," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: The Ambassador by Peter Colt.

The entry begins:
Andy Roark: My strong favorite has been and continues to be Adam Driver. I think he is an excellent actor but he is also a veteran. The fact that he was in the Marine Corps, would in belief, allow him to really convey a lot of the nuance of Andy who is a Vietnam Vet. Andy is a character with a sense of humor which juxtaposes nicely with his loneliness and struggles with PTSD. I think that Adam Driver is an actor who can easily bring that alive on the big screen.

Another possibility would be Jake Gyllenhaal. He is an immensely talented actor with great range. He easily can shift from drama, to comedy to action roles. While the books are detective stories there is a fair amount of action in them and Gyllenhaal has been in some great action roles.

The Ambassador AKA Gordon Stevenson: Stevenson is the pivotal character in the book, he is...[read on]
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