Thursday, February 09, 2023

Eight action-packed novels about art heists

Nzinga Temu is a writer who received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Howard University. During her undergraduate studies she has written for Zenger News and Picture This Post.

At Electric Lit she tagged eight action-packed novels about art heists, including:
Stealing Mona Lisa by Carson Morton

Based on the real theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911, Stealing Mona Lisa is a story of a ragtag group of con artists who set out to steal the world’s most famous painting. Eduardo de Valfierno makes a living creating forgeries for fabulously wealthy patrons in Argentina, who believe that the art are authentic pieces. He meets the beautiful and unhappily married Mrs. Hart, who sets him on a journey that leads back to Paris to lift that famous painting from the Louvre. Eduardo and his crew run into danger as they are pursued by a persistent police inspector. Casted with a crew of lovable rogues and rascals, this novel is an exciting and fun read.
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Stealing Mona Lisa is among Carol Orange's seven top art heist novels.

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